Quick Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Just as there are reminders for first home buyers, there are simple and effective ways that you can get directly involved in the sale of your home and prepare it well to assist in a speedy sale. The Group Guaranteed Title has some ideas on how you can prepare your home to be more appealing to buyers.

Small but impressive changes to your home.

With so many houses on the market, it can be hard for buyers to distinguish one property from the next. Head down to your local home improvement store and see what small changes you could make to your property to make your home more appealing. Are all of your light bulbs mismatched and different colours? Replace all of the lights in your house and keep the lighting fresh and consistent throughout. Replace any rugs or doormats that you may have lying around. Something that matches the feel of your home can be a great subtle change that can stick in buyer’s minds.

Keep it warm, but not lived in.

Many home buyers aren’t looking for a pristine home with no character, and instead want something more inviting. It’s important for these buyers to be able to imagine their future lives in your home, and a great way to start is by giving them a blank canvas to design. If you have a collection of art or decorations, take them down prior the inspection. While it’s important for these potential buyers to feel the character of your property, be sure to remove items that could personalise your home as yours.

When it come to buying and selling a home, buyers often need these in order to obtain title insurance in Fort Collins, CO as it can be a strict lending requirement. If any of your potential buyers require this for their finance or peace of mind, The Group Guaranteed Title can answer any questions about title insurance in Fort Collins, CO. Speak with one of our title insurance professionals by calling (970) 613-4364.

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